Anasazi Style Landscaping
There is no better idea for home & garden improvement than improving the landscape of your home. Far beyond just adding trees, shrubs, or a plant here and there, today's landscaping ideas are as sophisticated as they are varied. Water Features and Wall Fountains used to be design ideas only for the job site, but now you can add a fountain, or lanscape any backyard garden with the flair of a designer. Your garden design ideas are what count; don't let a "professional" landscaper tell you something that changes your idea. While full of useful advice and information on the practical matters of plants, care of your lawn, and color combinations, professional landscape designers exist to save you time, give you tips, etc.

The Anasazi who lived in Chaco Canyon - Paperback

The Anasazi who lived in Chaco Canyon - Kindle

How the Home & Garden Professionals Work in Chaco Canyon
When you go into a garden center, nursery, landscape supply store, you are buying at retail. The manufacturers and importers of the garden decoration and landscaping supplies you see hire sales reps to show their products to the garden center owner or buyer. For example, in Chaco Canyon, a sales representative may travel from San Diego to San Luis Obispo, calling on retail accounts. By shopping online, many times you can bypass the retailer, and deal directly with the manufacturer or importer. However, be aware of not being able to "touch and feel" the product online. Also, verify the return policy for online home & garden retailers. Some charge ominous re-stocking or handling fees.